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Exhibition World | NewsGREECE- Prime MinisterGeorge Papandreou dodged ahurled shoe as he pledged hiscommitment to Greek economicreform at the 75th ThessalonicaInternational Trade Fair.Mr Papandreou used theevent last month to confirm hissocialist party's adherence toausterity reforms and hisgovernment's need changelocal values and internationalperceptions, calling on allsocial groups to back thecollective effort.However, his words incurredthe wrath of one disgruntleddoctor, who whipped a shoe athim shouting: "traitor, you arenot a patriot". The shoe missed.USA- United Business Media(UBM) is continuing itssupport of virtual events with anew partnership for aninteractive virtual career fair.Unicruit, an event run byUBM subsidiary UBM Studios,has partnered with the BigEast Career Consortium forThe Big East Virtual CareerFair, a 3D online fair that takesplace on 10 November 2010aimed at the students of 16colleges and universities thatcomprise the Big East CareerConsortium.UBM Studios' Unicruit is auniversity-centric job fair inwhich institutions help studentsfind work with corporations.NORTH KOREA -The localgovernment of Kimchuk inNorth Korea is considering atrade fair next year. The faircould be open to exhibitorsfrom abroad, a rare departurefor the largely closed state.Head of Kimchuk MunicipalPeople's Committee, Yi Bok-il,spoke about the potential for anopen exhibition after the recentopening ceremony of the 6thChina Yanji Tumen River AreaInternational Fair for Investmentand Trade, held in Yanji, in theJilin Province.Speaking to the Global Times,Yi said the event was the firsttime Kimchuk took part in thissort of economic activity, andnow hopes to promoteeconomic communication andtrade cooperation with Chinaand other countries in northeastAsia via a new trade fair open toall countries.Protestor hurls shoe duringGreek PM's trade fair speechTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NET| October 2010|9UBM Studios' Unicruit partnersfor virtual career fairCANADA- The organiser ofpop-culture exhibition andconference Fan Expo Canadahas publicly apologised formismanaging the 2010 editionof the show.As crowds grew beyondexpectations at the door ofMetro Toronto ConventionCentre's north building, fansfaced queues of over an hour.The chaos culminated whenorganisers closed the door onqueuing ticketholders. Fanswaiting outside, many dressedas superheroes, beganchanting for ticket refunds."We were, quite simply,inadequately prepared for theincreased crowds in a venue thatwas neither familiar to us norcapable of meeting our collectivedemands. We recognise andhave heard from many of you thatthis was unacceptable and unfairto our loyal fans," said AmanGupta, president and CEO ofshow organiser Hobby StarMarketing, in an open letter onthe event's website.Overcrowded fan expolocks out ticketholdersNorth Korea takes tentativestep towards opening an international exhibitionUK - Reed Exhibitions haspartnered with Swan Events tobid for new European gamingexhibition G2E Europe, in directcompetition with Clarion's ICE atEarls Court, London.According to IntergameMagazine, the imminentdemolition of Earls Court hasbeen seen as an opportunity tolaunch a European edition ofG2E, a brand co-owned by ReedReed, Swan team up forEurope gaming show bidExhibitions and the AmericanGaming Association (AGA). Reed already manages theLas Vegas G2E show on behalfof AGA.MD of Swan Events, KarenCooke, is a former Clarionexecutive. She manages theEuropean Amusement andGaming Expo, which takesplace at London Excel at thesame time as ICE at Earls Court.George Papandreou

News| Exhibition WorldIRELAND- The ConventionCentre Dublin, managed byBirmingham's NEC Group, isopen for business after 40months of development.The Irish Minister forTourism, Culture and Sport,Mary Hanafin, officiallyopened Ireland's firstinternational conventioncentre, located on the banks ofthe River Liffey. The venueoffers 4,500sqm of exhibitionspace and is a result of apublic-private partnership withThe Office of Public Works.The Centre was developed byTreasury Holdings and designedby Irish-born architect, KevinRoche.Thieves descend onHong Kong gem fairRunning from 14 to 18September at the AsiaWorldExpo and Convention Centre,the jewellery fair includesdisplays from 3,200 exhibitorsand is expected to draw40,000 visitors.CHINA- Gems worth US$1mwere reportedly stolen on thefirst day of UBM Asia's HongKong International Jewelleryand Gem Fair.According to reports, twomen were arrested forallegedly stealing a seven-carat diamond worth $450,000and replacing it with a fake onthe first day of the five-dayexhibition. An emeraldnecklace worth $500,000 wasalso stolen from another stand,and thieves took pearls worth$25,000 in two other separateincidents.10| October 2010| THE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WWW.EXHIBITION-WORLD.NETvisitors. The number is morethan four times the 743 pre-registrations for the 2009show, which took place inAmsterdam.The show has travelled all overthe world in its eight-year history,taking place in cities includingFrankfurt and Hong Kong.UK - The Transport SecurityExpo will stay in London "forthe foreseeable future" afterpreregistered visitor numbersquadrupled compared toprevious shows in other cities.At the time of the exhibition'sopening, more than 3,300people had pre-registered asDublin CCD officially opens its doorsAUSTRALIA- Announcing thelaunch of the inaugural PerthEvent Show for 6-7 May 2011,Perth Convention Bureau (PCB)MD, Christine McLean, said theWestern Australian businesstourism industry had "matured tothe point where it can sustain anannual trade show".The two-day exhibition, to beheld at the Perth Convention andExhibition Centre, is organisedby CMS Events. Company MDRichard Campbell is a lifemember of the PCB and thebureau will be a major sponsorfor the event. "The industry has now comeof age," McLean said. Headded the PCB was keen toprovide a forum where theindustry could meet withbuyers to update them on whatPerth and Western Australiahad to offer as a businessevents destination."Western Australian first withlaunch of Perth Event ShowGERMANY- Internationaltrade fair figures muchimproved during the first sixmonths of 2010, according toinitial projections by theAssociation of the GermanTrade Fair Industry (AUMA).On average, exhibitorattendance at trade fairsduring the first half of the yearremained constant (comparedwith a drop of 4.3 per cent in2009), with more than half ofshows reporting an increaseon previous editions, theassociation reported.There was also significantstabilisation in visitor attendance,which was nearly two per centlower on average than previousevents (compared with -8.4 percent in 2009). During the first six months of2010, the amount of spacerented out still lagged four percent behind figures for previousevents (-6% in 2009 overall). AUMA claims this shows theafter-effects of savingsmeasures made by businessesexhibiting at trade fairs werestill being felt.German trade fair industryrecovery in progressCity change quadruplesTransport Security Expopreregistration