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SAS ® Professional Services PLANBUILDREALISE Discovery and Definition We partner with you to explore your re-quirements, then recommend innovative solutions that empower you to achieve and exceed your strategic business and technology objectives. Installation, Integration, Delivery and Knowledge Transfer We collaborate with your IT profession-als to efficiently install and integrate SAS software, so you can experience the power of SAS technology quickly. We leverage our expertise to provide high levels of knowledge transfer, so your business teams are productive quickly and you see the benefits of your investment fast. Vision and Customer Care We offer leadership and guidance in finding new ways to maximise your in-vestment and align SAS solutions with evolving business strategies, while con-sistently delivering the highest quality customer service. Sound Advice, In- depth Knowledge and Hands- on Support We know SAS technology and solu-tions better than anyone else. With many years of real world experience our proven services can be customised to meet your precise needs and ensure rapid business adoption. SAS ® Architecture AssessmentSAS ® Analytic Data Discovery ServiceSAS ® Performance Review SAS ® 9 Migration ServiceSAS ® Analytic Modelling ServiceSAS ® Business Analytics Data Quality AuditSASCompetency Centre ( BACC) ® Data Mining Service SAS ® Solution Discovery ServiceSAS ® Forecasting ServiceSAS ® KPI Dashboard Service SAS ® Campaign QuickStart ServiceSAS ® Campaign QuickStart ServiceSAS ® Campaign QuickStart Service SAS ® for Customer Experience Analytics Services SAS ® for Customer Experience Analytics Services SAS ® for Customer Experience Analytics Services SAS ® Marketing Optimisation Services SAS ® Marketing Optimisation ServicesSAS ® Marketing Optimisation Services Marketing Effectiveness AuditSAS ® Text Mining ServiceSAS ® Value Optimisation Assessment Value Optimisation AssessmentSAS ® Business Intelligence Service SAS ® Data Integration Service SAS ® OpRisk Monitor Deployment Service SAS ® Customer Profitability Service SAS ® Stress Testing Architecture Assessment Team Performance Assessment SAS ® Public Training ProgrammeSAS ® Public Training Programme SAS ® Custom Events ProgrammeSAS ® Custom Events Programme SAS ® Partner AcademySAS ® Rapid Adoption Service SAS ® Live Web TrainingSAS ® Live Web Training SAS ® Installation and Configuration Service SAS ® Hotfix Review SAS ® Mainframe Optimisation Service SAS ® Premium Support Service SUPPORTEDUCATIONCONSULTING MANAGED SERVICES ADVISORY SERVICES

SAS ® Professional Services SAS ® Packaged Services In addition to services offered as part of a full project implementation, SAS Professional Services offer a range of packaged services aimed at delivering quick results and ensuring you get the best return on your investment. Consulting SAS ® Architecture Assessment provides expert advice to help you to optimise your use of the SAS ® Business Analytics Framework by improving the effectiveness of your enterprise archi-tecture. This will enable you to improve the efficiency of your IT processes, manage your IT costs and provide mission- critical analytical services. SAS ® 9 Migration Service provides a framework for managing and complet-ing your migration to SAS ® 9, and fol-lows a well defined methodology that includes assessment, planning, execu-tion, validation and delivery phases. A methodology that adapts to your needs for today and beyond. Data Quality Audit offers a rigorous approach to exploring and resolving data quality issues across an organisa-tion by providing you with an accurate picture of the state of your data and a roadmap to improvement. SAS ® Solution Discovery Service helps you to form a clear vision for your proposed business analytics solution and how to achieve it. This means you can embark confidently on your project with a sound plan that manages costs and risks to deliver the right solution for your organisation. Marketing Effectiveness Audit will assess and make recommendations concerning your whole promotional process. Encompassing awareness, acquisition and retention across all channels; the audit will examine your decision- support process including KPIs, analytics, forecasting and reporting. SAS ® Campaign QuickStart Service provides a cost effective route to an implementation of SAS ® Marketing Au-tomation; including installation and con-figuration, starter campaigns, reporting, training and supporting processes. SAS ® for Customer Experience Analytics Services provide an im-mediate and complete picture of your customers by capturing every web site interaction, transforming these interac-tions into customer- centric knowledge and integrating them with other channel views. This allows you to understand, model and, ultimately, market to these customers. SAS ® Marketing Optimisation Services addresses issues such as channel capacity, budget, customer contact policies, expected campaign profitability and conflicting offers being delivered simultaneously, and ensures that you target customers with offers that maximise your campaign perfor-mance. SAS ® Analytic Data Discovery Service leverages the expertise and real- world experience of SAS' analytics consultants to provide a foundation for the discovery and definition of critical business and customer information. Proven services customised to meet your needs, quickly. g Key Benefits • The right technology solutions are efficiently matched with your most pressing business challenges. • New technology is quickly installed and integrated with the rest of your IT infrastructure. • Applications and business processes are effectively implemented and fine tuned to address your unique challenges and opportunities. • The deployment of technology is continuously re- evaluated to ensure you are achieving the maximum value from it. • Alongside a wealth of industry domain expertise, we offer practical insights into how your organisation can use business analytics to become more focused, effective and ultimately more successful.